Who We Are

FABBfilaments produces the highest-quality and highest-consistency 3D printing filaments in the market. Our proprietary laser measurement system ensures an unmatched level of precision; a precision that guarantees you perfection in your prints. The higher quality / higher precision your print material is, the better your print will turn out – it’s that simple.

Seeing the need in the market for a domestic filament supplier; we are using our 30+ years of plastics experience to create a manufacturing center of excellence located right in West Michigan. The majority of “filament manufacturers” import Chinese filaments and brand them their own. FABBfilaments is not a re-seller or importer, we produce all of our filaments we sell. No smoke, no mirrors as you might find with other filament vendors. Our domestically made filaments adhere to a higher-quality standard than the imports, giving you a better quality output every time.


FABBfilaments Manufacturing Facility